A Rhinoplasty Specialist In Scottsdale Can Repair Defects Associated With Your Nose

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If you have ever looked at your nose and wished that there was something different about it, you should consult with a rhinoplasty specialist in Scottsdale. Cosmetic surgery can surgically improve the things that you do not like about your nose, whether it is too big, too narrow, or you just don't like the shape of it. A rhinoplasty specialist in Scottsdale can even repair birth defects, and provide relief from breathing problems. There are three types of rhinoplasties available, and those are open, closed, and tip rhinoplasties. The amount of work that is needed will determine the type of surgical procedure that the rhinoplasty specialist in Scottsdale will perform on you. Open rhinoplasty is used when you want the size of your nose to be reduced. This type surgical procedure is the most invasive of the rhinoplasties. During the open rhinoplasty, your surgeon will make an incision in your nose directly between the nostrils. Once he has made the incision he will lift up the skin and pull it back so that he can the bone and cartilage of your nose. Your surgeon will then begin removing the portion of bone and cartilage that he does not need, and will reshape the remaining bone and cartilage until it is the size and shape that you wanted it to be. There will be considerable bruising and swelling following the surgery, however, that will go away in a matter of days. Closed rhinoplasty is used when there are minor imperfections that you want fixed. A closed rhinoplasty does not require any incisions to be made on the outside of the nose. In fact, all of the incisions will be made to the inside of the nose. This makes it possible to avoid visible scars on your nose. This type of procedure will only repair minor imperfections but cannot be used to change to overall size, or shape of your nose. Tip rhinoplasty is a procedure that a rhinoplasty specialist in Scottsdale will perform if you have a problem with the tip of your nose. Whether it is too big, or too small, or you just don't like the shape of it, your surgeon will be able to alter the appearance of your nose, by making the tip more esthetically pleasing for you. There will be minimal scaring once your tip plasty is complete. If you are unhappy with the size or shape of your nose, your rhinoplasty specialist in Scottsdale can increase the length, or decrease the width. Your rhinoplasty specialist can also remove bumps on the bridge of your nose that may be causing you distress. Whether the shape and size of your nose are a result of genetics, or are the result of injuries that you have sustained, your rhinoplasty specialist will be able to repair those defects, and restore your self-esteem. In addition to providing relief for cosmetic issues that you might have relating to your nose, a rhinoplasty specialist in Scottsdale can also repair damage to your nose that are causing breathing difficulties for you. Issues such as deviated septum's, detached cartilage, or even nasal passages that are too narrow to accommodate airflow, can all be repaired by an experienced rhinoplasty specialist. Regardless of the issues that you have with your nose, a rhinoplasty specialist will be able to repair those issues, and give you the nose you want. A rhinoplasty specialist can repair cosmetic defects, as well as birth defects, and damage caused by injuries. In addition, your rhinoplasty specialist will also be able to repair defects with your nose that are causing you to experience breathing difficulties. Click here to visit the website of a local plastic surgeon: http://www.aboutfacescottsdale.com