Halloween Costume Ideas: Getting Silly, Scary, Or Smart With Spectacles

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If you always need your glasses to see, you might feel discouraged when Halloween rolls around. For some costumes, glasses might ruin the look; after all, since when does a pirate or a fairy wear glasses? However, you can find tons of costume ideas that make glasses an integral part of your dress-up.

Hide The Glasses

One way to incorporate glasses from a place like the Spectacle Shoppe, Inc. into a costume is to cleverly hide them. For example, if you wanted to dress up as a fox, you could create the fox mask around your glasses so that the lenses make the eye holes for the mask. You'll be able to see, but your glasses won't draw attention away from your clever costume idea. Other ideas that involve masking your glasses include:

Feature The Glasses

However, you will have the most variety if you choose to have your glasses be the center of your costume. The best was to do this is to choose a well-known character who has classes are part of their signature look. Some ideas that will stay evergreen for years to come include:

Your Halloween costume doesn't have to be limited by your glasses. There are tons of great ideas that will make your costume the talk of the party.