5 Features To Look For In A Home Vibration Body Machine

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Whole body vibration, which started as a physical training method in the Russian space program, is catching on throughout the US. People are finding that whole body vibration machines offer many benefits such as weight loss, increased bone density, muscle tone, increased balance and reduced stress levels. Because of this, many people are interested in purchasing home units. If you are looking to buy a home whole body vibration machine, here are some of the features you should look for. 

Compact Design 

Depending on how much space you have in your home, you may be looking for a smaller unit than a professional or gym unit. Many home vibration machines come with elastic yoga bands as opposed to solid handles. These bands give you some support but allow you to easily tuck your machine under your bed or in a closet when it is not in use. For most home uses, these are ideal. However, if you have balance issues that you are working on and need extra stability, then you may want to select a machine that has solid handles. Some machines offer telescoping handles that will still allow for compact storage when the machine is not in use.

Remote Control 

Many home machines have the main controls down on the base plate, which forces you to bend over when you turn the machine on or off. However, it is better and safer for you to be in your starting position, standing with your knees slightly bent, before the machine starts. This will give you the most stability. A remote control or controls at hand level on a solid handle machine will allow you to start and stop in the safest positions. 

Various Intensity Options 

Most machines will allow you to adjust the intensity of the vibrations that you experience. Some have sliding controls, which allow you to fine-tune your vibrations, while others offer various intensities to choose from. Being able to adjust the intensity allows people of different skill levels and abilities to use the machine. Additionally, you may find that you want to adjust the intensity during a session or for different impacts, such as muscle toning versus stress relief. While it is important that you have options when it comes to intensity, you don't need to go overboard with your home machine. 5-10 different intensity options is usually sufficient for home training. 

Pre-programmed Routines 

If you are new to using a vibration machine, then you will want to opt for a home unit with pre-programmed routines that are set into it. These will allow you to choose your desired results and will automatically vary your intensity and give you periods of rest throughout your workout. You will likely find this much more convenient than adjusting the intensity and timing the duration of your intervals throughout each session. Once again, you will likely not need very many variants when it comes to pre-programmed routines, but it is good to have a few available. Additionally, you may want a machine that allows you to program your own routines as you become a more advanced user. 

An Appropriate Weight Limit 

Since home machines tend to be smaller than professional machines, many have lower weight limits. You may find home machines with a 200 pound or less weight limit, which may be insufficient for some users. However, there are a few home machines on the market that have weight limits up to 400 pounds, which greatly expands the body type that can safely use the machine. If weight is a concern for you or another home user, make sure that you get a machine that will safely support your weight.