A Very Serious Pain In The Butt: 6 Ways To Help Yourself With Hemorrhoids

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While pooping and farting may be the subjects of a lot of joking and giggling, hemorrhoids are no laughing matter. They can quite literally leave you writhing in pain and unable to sit long enough to drive or get through a day at the office. The following information should help you alleviate the pain and pressure in one or more ways:

1. Consider Your Nutritional Intake

What goes in, must come out; thus, if you put more thought into what you're eating, less effort may be required in terms of the necessary bowel movements that follow. Easier defecation reduces the strain on delicate anal tissue, and that can go a long way in minimizing hemorrhoid growth and discomfort. Consider the amount of soluble fiber you're getting and add more gradually, if needed, to avoid extreme intestinal reactions. It will add bulk to your movements and. in time, should create a more consistent evacuation schedule.

Fiber is found naturally in beans, brown rice, nuts, berries and bran, among other things, but talk to your doctor about a specific diet for hemorrhoids, along with your specific need for fiber, as it's also an important component for other lowering other health risks.

2. Choose Your Beverages With Care

Drinking more water should offer you natural relief, making your digestive system function with more regularity and fewer backups. Beyond the recommended eight glasses of H2O a day, consider the many teas that may help you ease your way to fewer problems with hemorrhoids. Stay away from processed beverages and those containing dairy, especially if you're lactose intolerant. Additionally, it's wise to note that alcohol may cause you to be dehydrated, which will contribute to constipation.

3. Avoid The "Strain" In Natural Ways

How you go can also affect the condition of hemorrhoids and that sensitive area, although it's easy to think of bowel movements as a simple process on a simple device (the toilet). You may benefit from employing more squat to the situation, either by sitting differently or even using a foot-lifting apparatus while fully engaged in the movement. Experiment carefully, taking note of how each different approach offers more comfort and less strain.

4. Take Time For Warm Baths

Most people grab a quick shower to clean up, but when you suffer with hemorrhoids, you may need a little more TLC than that. Take the time to fill a warm bath, at least to waist level when seated, and spend as much time as you need in it to feel relief. The warm soak helps to clean and soothe hemorrhoids and may also make bowel movements easier.

5. Don't Delay When You Feel The Urge

Holding back when the urge to have a bowel movement strikes can easily lead to constipation later on, so you want to go when Mother Nature indicates. Eating a healthy, consistent diet and drinking a lot of healthy liquids should help your body become more regular, making your ability to predict movements more accurate; however, even if the need to go strikes at inappropriate times for you, head the warning anyway, to be as kind to your colon and, consequently, your hemorrhoids.

6. Discuss Medical Solutions With Your Doctor

Surgery for hemorrhoids is not uncommon, as millions of people suffer with internal or external hemorrhoids at one time in their lives. Rubber band ligation, for example, is one possible solution for internal hemorrhoids; the procedure involves actually squeezing the life-blood out of hemorrhoids, cutting circulation off so the tissue will die away. Rubber band ligation doesn't usually require anesthesia and can be done in your doctor's office.

External hemorrhoids might be treated by the use of staples, with the same concept of cutting off that blood supply imposed. While not complicated, these procedures will likely leave you sore for a few days; however, surgical options can have the final say with hemorrhoids, providing long awaited relief when other methods fail.

Some people can prevent hemorrhoids, while others can take action to minimize them; still others are required to take more serious actions, such as those offered by surgeons, but for most people, relief of some form can be found. You just have to be proactive about your pain, responsible in how you care for yourself, and relentless in your pursuit of a solution.

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