Clues That Suggest A Non-Speaking Child May Be Sick

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When your children are old enough to speak, you can often count on them telling you how they feel. This means that if your child is starting to get sick, he or she will often complain of a sore throat, an achy stomach, or other issues that relate to common illnesses. You'll then be able to schedule a checkup for your child with your family doctor to determine what is wrong. The process isn't so easy when your child isn't speaking yet. In this scenario, you'll need to rely on a handful of clues that may indicate your child's health. Here are some clues to watch for.

The Child Is Lethargic

Children are often energetic, which means that if your child is showing signs of lethargy, it may be because he or she isn't feeling well. You know your child best, and you'll have a sense of when the child is most energetic. For example, he or she may get a second wind before bedtime and enjoy playing or running around. However, if your child appears to have little to no energy and isn't interested in any games before bed, it may be because he or she is fighting an illness.

The Child Is Irritable

It's common for children to get cranky when they're hungry or tired, but many children are generally in good spirits if these issues aren't occurring. However, you may see signs that your child is irritable when it's clear that he or she isn't hungry or tired. Perhaps your child is whiny or even acts out with his or her sibling. Your child may be acting in this manner because he or she isn't feeling well, so it's important to keep this possibility in mind instead of getting frustrated with the child.

The Child Can't Sleep

You'll have a general idea of how much your child sleeps each night, whether it's three to four hours at a time or less. If things change dramatically, it could be because your child is battling an illness. For example, you might hear your child tossing and turning, whimpering, or even getting up and coming into your room. While things such as bad dreams are always a possibility, you should try to evaluate whether you've see any other clues that could suggest the child is sick. If so, it's a good idea to schedule a doctor visit right away.

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