A Few Tips If Your Contacts Are Causing Eye Irritation

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You are excited to finally be able to see without glasses. Your new contact lenses are fantastic for your sight, but they cause a lot of eye irritation. Most of your friends that have contacts just tell you that you need to give it some time. However, you give it time and your eyes just keep getting worse. It is time to seriously consider what is causing the irritation. You may want to consider a few different things when it comes to your contact lenses. These are just a few different things that you could be causing your eye irritation. 

Eye Solution 

When you started to feel a lot of eye irritation and your eyes started to go red, you probably started using artificial tears to get rid of the redness and dryness. Well, you might be using the wrong type of eye drop. A lot of these different eye drops are supposed to treat sclera. This is when the tiny red blood vessels in the white of your eyes are swollen. Most artificial tears are designed to constrict those blood vessels to get rid of the redness. However, this does not solve the problem of eye irritation. You are going to want to ask you optometrist the best type of eye drop for you. 

Tear Chemistry

It seems that everything that has to do with the body always returns to what you put in your mouth. Well when it comes to your eyes, what you eat can play a vital role. Your eye problem might stem from the fact that your tears evaporate too quickly. This is often the result of tears that do not have enough oil. When it comes to your diet, you may want to include some omega-3 fatty-acid-rich foods. You can also take supplements that give you the vital nutrient. This should allow your tear chemistry to readjust. 

Take Care Of Your Contacts

You are new to contact lenses, and there is a very good chance that you are not cleaning your contacts properly. You could also be using the wrong type of contact solution for the contacts that you use. Inspect your contact lenses and see if there is a film that has developed on the contacts. Then double-check that you are using the correct type of solution. Another common problem that is an easy fix is that your contacts are actually inside out. Check to be sure that you are putting your contacts in correctly. 

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