Arrange For These Healthcare Practitioners To Visit Your Loved One In Urgent Care

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When you have a loved one rushed to an urgent care center for a health concern, there's a chance that he or she may be discharged within a handful of hours. In other instances, the person may remain in urgent care for a longer period of time before being either transferred to another healthcare facility or sent home. If you're looking at your loved one having a short-term stay, you may be looking for ways that you can help him or her. What you might not have considered, however, is scheduling a few different healthcare practitioners to pay your loved one a visit. Many practitioners will visit people in urgent care centers and, provided that you get approval from the staff, these practitioners may be able to help in several ways.


If your loved one is interested in acupuncture, having a practitioner visit him or her while in urgent care can be a good idea. Acupuncture can benefit patients in a long list of ways, including helping with pain, stress reduction, and many other issues. For example, if your family member is experiencing uncomfortable constipation as a side effect of the drugs that he or she is receiving, acupuncture may be able to kick-start the digestive system and help your loved one use the toilet.

Massage Therapist

Many massage therapists are happy to pay visits to their patients, which means that you shouldn't have trouble setting up a visit for your loved one in the urgent care center. Massage can provide many different benefits for your loved one, including help with reducing the stress that may be prevalent as a result of dealing with the ongoing medical concern. Additionally, if your loved one is having trouble sleeping in the new environment, a massage scheduled in the evening may promote relaxation to help him or her sleep better.


People who are confined to a bed in an urgent care center for an extended period of time may develop back pain. If your loved one already has a sore back, even lying down for a few hours may lead to increased discomfort. A chiropractor is a handy health practitioner to turn to at this time. With a series of small spinal adjustments, the chiropractor may be able to relieve your loved one's sore back to make lying in bed more comfortable. This can also be beneficial if your loved one finds sleep to be a challenge.