Habitually Strive To Eat Healthy Foods Or Seek Guided Help From A Nutrition Counselor

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Many people are on never-ending diets, which have not to this day had any effect on their goal to lose weight. Carbohydrates are always taking a beating as many say carbs are responsible for their weight gain. Too much of certain starchy foods do indeed help to increase your weight. Naturally, you should not consume starch-laden foods daily, such as some types of bread and pasta, in excessive amounts. However, you can eat carbs and still lose weight as long as you don't consume starchy carbohydrate foods on a regular basis. Habitually strive to eat healthy foods or meet with a nutritionist for guided help in doing so.

Lay Off Adding Other Meal Items

A medium-size baked or boiled potato contains approximately 110 calories. Eating that potato benefits your body with supplies of vitamin C and potassium as well as rich vitamin B supplements. Here's the thing about potatoes. Eating a baked potato doesn't cause you weight gain. It's what you turn the potato into such as french fries, potato chips. It's also what you add to the potato like mashed butter and gravy, that piles on the extra calories.

Simply don't add all those other starchy food items to your potato that will increase your calorie count. You can replace those starchy items with fresh spinach, collard or mustard greens, or any other leafy vegetable. With a potato meal like this, you can even have a dessert serving of ice-cream, fresh fruits, or yogurt topped with fresh blueberries. You'll still be maintaining the proper amount of calories that you should consume on any given day.

How About Pasta Meals?

For years, pasta has been wrongly targeted as a cause of obesity. It is not the cause of obesity-related weight gain. Try using whole-wheat pasta with a combination of durum wheat and other grains. Your body gains fiber and protein with that combination. Of course, you can add fresh tomatoes, dark and leafy greens and a serving of roasted vegetables. All of these foods are healthy and will lower your calorie intake. Avoid all butter, cheese and meaty heavy sauces that add extra calories to your pasta meal.

What's The Deal On Bread?

You do not have to banish bread from your diet. Not all bread cause you to gain weight. In fact, the culprit bread you should avoid is white bread. Studies show that if you're eating four or more ounces of white bread every day, you run the risk of becoming obese. If you consume whole-grain bread, you're not at risk of developing weight gain. So make that switch to eating whole grain bread only and keep refined grains such as white bread out of your home.