How To Avoid Injury When Working In The Yard

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Whether it is tree trimming, gardening, or something else entirely, spring and summer are both great times of the year to get some yard work done. While yard work can be beneficial in many ways, such as being stress reliving, it can also put undue stress on your body and spine. To ensure that your spine remains safe while you are out in the yard and reduce the risk of injury, here are a few tips.

Get Warmed Up

When you go to the gym for weight-training, head out for a mile-long run, or perform extensive exercises at home, you probably start off with a few warm-up exercises. Well, if you plan on being out in the yard for 30 minutes or longer, you should start by warming up your body. As long as you are getting your body moving and stretching, you can do any movements. However, some of the most effective include shoulder exercises, hamstring stretches, body squats, and spine rotations.

Take A Few Breaks

If you spend a lot of time in the yard over the weekend, the chances are that on Monday you are going to be in a lot of pain – especially if you failed to do those warm-up exercises. Apart from warming up before tackling your outdoor tasks, take some breaks in between those tasks. You may be extremely focused on the task at hand and want to get it finished, but it is better to take a few five- or 10-minute breaks throughout the day than to harm your spine and be in pain later in the evening and the next morning. So, every 20 minutes or so, especially when you are making the same repetitive motion, change things up so that you are moving your body a different way or take a short break. 

Get a Chiropractic Adjustment

In order to keep your spine at optimal functioning levels and as healthy as possible, you should see your chiropractor about adjustments. He or she may recommend weekly, bi-weekly or monthly adjustments. Adjustments will help promote proper motion of your spinal joints, which will improve your mobility and flexibility and the communication of your nervous system. If you plan on being out in the yard for an extended period of time this weekend, consider having your chiropractor check and adjust your spine before and afterward.

To learn more about the benefits of chiropractic adjustments and how you can prevent injury while during yard work, schedule an appointment at a clinic like Hiler Chiropractic & Neurology