Here's What You Should Know About Getting Your Loved One Cremated

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If you've never had to cremate a loved one before, you're likely wondering how the process will unfold and what to expect overall. Here is the information you should know about getting your loved one cremated before you actually start the process:

The Consultation Meeting

Before having your loved one cremated, your chosen cremation services will probably want to schedule a consultation meeting with you to determine what your specific needs and preferences are; they will also want to make necessary plans and preparations so you're both on the same page. You'll have an opportunity to pick out a custom urn and to decide whether or not you'd like a special saying or picture etched into the urn you choose.

You'll also have a chance to check out your service provider's facilities to ensure that they'll be able to accommodate your loved one's memorial service. You will schedule a specific day to have your loved one cremated so you can retrieve their remains and prepare them for any memorial services that you decide to host.

The Memorial Service Options

You don't have to host a traditional funeral for your loved one after they have been cremated, because there won't be a body to view. However, you can always schedule the cremation for after a traditional funeral if the service is important to your family members. In addition to or instead of a traditional funeral, you can host a memorial service for your loved one that features an urn instead of a casket.

While there won't be a body to view, your family members and friends will have an opportunity to get together and share their thoughts about your loved one with each other and celebrate their life, which should help everyone get the closure they need to move on. You can plan a memorial service that is as casual or elegant as you want it to be. Consider hosting the service at your home, in a park, or at a favorite hangout spot of your loved one.

Ensuring a Lifetime of Memories

Since you won't be burying your loved one's remains in a graveyard, there likely won't be one specific location for friends and family members to visit your loved one when they're being missed. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to provide friends and family with a special place to go and visit your loved one's memory.

Using stones, flowers, and weather-protected photos, you can set up a memorial shrine in a park or another outdoor location that is special to your loved one where everyone can conveniently visit it. You can also create special memorial books that feature photos of your loved one and captions of sayings and song titles that they enjoyed in life. Send the books to your loved one's friends and family members to enjoy for many years to come.