3 Common Causes Of Belly Pain

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Many people experience pain in their abdominal area. The abdominal area encompasses the small and large intestines, liver, spleen, gallbladder, and pancreas, as well as other organs. Another major part of the abdominal area is the stomach, or the belly. When pain or discomfort is felt in the abdominal area, it could indicate a problem with any of these organs.

If you experience belly pain, you may need to go to the doctor to determine the exact cause. If you don't agree with the diagnosis, you can get an online second opinion on belly pain. If you're still not sure why your stomach hurts, it may be one of these three common causes of belly pain.

1. Digestive Disorders

There are many disorders of the digestive system that can cause belly pain. Some of these digestive disorders include:

Food allergies or being sensitive to certain ingredients can also cause belly pain. One example of this type of digestive order is celiac disease, which means there is a sensitivity to gluten.

2. Stomach Flu

Also known as viral gastroenteritis, the stomach flu is an intestinal infection that is contagious. This means you can get it when you come into contact with someone else who has it. You can also contract the stomach flu by ingesting contaminated food.

Besides belly pain and abdominal cramps, other symptoms of the stomach flu include:

These symptoms of the stomach flu usually last only a few days. For some people, however, the symptoms can continue for up to 10 days.

3. Hernia

A hernia happens when an organ goes through an abnormal opening in the tissue or muscle. A hernia that occurs in the abdomen will cause belly pain.

Other symptoms of a hernia include:

If an online second opinion of belly pain suggests you have a hernia, you will need to see a doctor right away. Hernias do not go away on their own and usually require hernia repair surgery. Left untreated, a hernia in the abdomen will become bigger over time and will cause severe belly pain.