Is There Something Wrong With Your Hearing Aids?

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If you're suddenly experiencing numerous problems with your hearing aids, you may wonder if you should replace them soon. Hearing aids amplify sound. However, some things can prevent hearing aids from detecting and relaying sounds to your ears. The following information can help you learn more about your hearing aids today.

What's Wrong With Your Hearing Aids?

Although hearing aids are small, the devices require regular care to work properly. Dirt, earwax, and even the fluids inside your ear canals can clog up your hearing aids over time. Clogs can keep sound from entering your hearing aids and traveling to the tissues inside your ears. 

Try cleaning your hearing aids thoroughly on a nightly basis to keep them functional. If you don't know how to clean your hearing devices, ask an audiologist for recommendations on how to do so. An audiologist may even sell special supplies to help you keep your hearing aids clean.

In addition to the problems above, the batteries inside your hearing aids can also cause issues for you. Outside conditions, such as heat and moisture, can shorten the lifespans of your batteries by corroding and damaging them. Keep your hearing aids in a cool and dry place on your nightstand during the night. 

If you still experience issues with your hearing aids after following the simple tips above, consult an audiologist for further assistance.

Are the Better Hearing Aids for You?

Hearing aids can fail if they become outdated and old. Hearing aids can also stop working if you expose them to excessively loud sounds. An audiologist can check your hearing aids to see if they have any of the issues above.

The first thing an audiologist may do is test your hearing devices for blockages and internal problems. There could be a problem with your devices' microphones and amplifiers. The microphones could be clogged with wax, and the amplifiers could be set too low to pick up and relay sound. A hearing specialist may be able to solve these issues by cleaning your hearing aids.

If your hearing aids no longer function properly due to age or wear and tear, an audiologist may prescribe you a new pair of hearing devices. You may need to try out different types of hearing devices until you find a pair that works best for you.

You can find the right audiologist & hearing aids for your needs by searching for audiologists in your area.