Thermiva Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatments Might Enhance Your Sex Life Or Improve Incontinence

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If you're concerned about the appearance of your labia, looseness of your vagina, or urinary incontinence, talk to a doctor about a ThermiVa vaginal rejuvenation treatment. This is a safe treatment that requires no downtime or anesthesia, and it's comfortable to undergo. Here's how ThermiVa vaginal rejuvenation works.

ThermiVa Stimulates Collagen Using Heat

ThermiVa utilizes radiofrequency technology to deliver heat to your vagina and labia to affect collagen. You may experience immediate tightening as well as gradual tightening due to collagen stimulation. The heat is controlled so the treatment is not uncomfortable.

The heat is delivered through a soft applicator that is passed over your labia and inserted into your vagina. The treatment is done in your doctor's office in a quick procedure that requires no special preparation.

The Treatment Can Provide Multiple Benefits

In addition to tightening your vaginal tissues for improved sensations, you might also notice increased lubrication and blood flow. Improved blood flow helps with nerve regeneration and improved orgasms. Increased lubrication helps reduce pain associated with sexual intercourse.

You might also notice help with urinary incontinence as your pelvic area tightens. In addition, you may notice an improved appearance in your labia since these tissues may contract and tighten as well.

Multiple Treatments Are Often Needed

A treatment normally takes less than an hour. You will probably notice results right away. However, your doctor may suggest a series of a few treatments about a month apart for the best results. Then you may need at least one treatment for maintenance about once a year. Since everyone is different, your doctor will establish a treatment schedule that's right for you so you achieve and maintain optimal results.

You Can Resume Normal Activities Right Away

The ThermiVa treatment doesn't leave you with any discomfort, so you're free to continue with your usual activities right after the treatment. There are no incisions or anything that you need to recover from, so you can comfortably go back to work when the procedure is over.

You can have a ThermiVa treatment no matter your age as long as you are an adult. You might want the treatment after childbirth, during menopause, or when you just want to improve the appearance of your labia and improve your enjoyment of intercourse.

ThermiVa is an effective alternative to surgery, but you'll want to discuss your suitability for the procedure with your doctor. You may need to wait a certain amount of time after giving birth before you can have the procedure done.