Making Your Colonoscopy Experience A Bit More Pleasant

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Getting a colonoscopy is never going to be a really pleasant experience. But it does not have to be a bad or traumatic experience, either. You do have some control over how the experience goes. In fact, there are a few key things you can do to make your colonoscopy a bit more pleasant.

Eat more fiber beforehand.

Before your colonoscopy, you will spend a day fasting and drinking a special, preparatory beverage that is supposed to flush your colon. This will be more bearable if you start increasing your fiber intake a week or two beforehand. With more fiber in your digestive tract, you won't have as much backed-up waste to flush out, and the waste you do have to flush out will be bulkier and easier to pass. Vegetables, fruits, and whole grains are all good sources of fiber, so make them the basis of your diet as your colonoscopy looms.

Chill the prep drink. 

The laxative prep drink you have to consume before a colonoscopy is notorious for not tasting the best. But patients often find that the flavor improves when the beverage is chilled. When any beverage is chilled, the flavors tend to be muted, too. So, prepare your beverage a few hours in advance of when you need to start drinking it so that you can afford to let it chill in the fridge for a while.

Clear your schedule the next day.

After a colonoscopy, it is normal to feel tired and drained. This is mostly because you didn't eat the day before, and the effect may also be enhanced by the sedatives you're given. If you can clear your schedule for the rest of the day, and also for the day after your colonoscopy, then you won't have to stress about getting back into the swing of things while you're still recovering.

Ask questions beforehand.

So much of the nervousness patients have before a colonoscopy is tied to the idea that they don't know what to expect. All you really need to do, though, is ask your doctor the questions floating around in your mind, no matter how silly they are. Once you have the answers, you will have an easier time relaxing through the experience.

Having a colonoscopy will probably never be one of your favorite things to do, but with the tips above, it can at least be easier to tolerate.

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