Why Senior Citizens Often Need To See Podiatrists

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People of all different ages often see podiatrists. However, many senior citizens, in particular, can benefit from the care of a podiatrist. If you are wondering why senior citizens often need to see foot specialists, consider the reasons below.

People With Diabetes Often Need Foot Care

First of all, many senior citizens have diabetes, whether they have had it since they were children or if it developed later in life. Diabetes can impact a person and their health in a wide variety of different ways. One thing that many people don't realize is that diabetes can often cause people to have trouble with their feet. This is because high blood sugar can damage the nerves and blood vessels that run through each foot. Diabetics sometimes suffer from tingling, numbness, and/or pain in their feet. Some suffer from athlete's foot, sores and lesions, and more. Luckily, most podiatrists have a lot of experience in helping diabetics with various foot-related problems and are able to provide the best possible care for seniors who might have diabetes.

Many Seniors Have Had Long-Time Issues With Their Feet 

Some seniors have been dealing with problems with their feet for years. Someone who worked a very physical job and spent a lot of time on their feet during their working years might suffer from even worse foot problems as they get older. Some people could have benefited from seeing a podiatrist in their younger years but never did so, and therefore need care as seniors.

Proper Foot Care Often Becomes Difficult for Seniors

Many seniors have trouble taking care of their feet and are therefore not able to take good care of them like they used to. A senior might struggle to reach their feet so they can do things like trim their toenails, wash their feet, and apply lotion. This can lead to problems like ingrown toenails, itchy skin, or foot fungus. Luckily, a podiatrist can diagnose these issues and provide proper treatment, if necessary. Podiatrists often provide helpful advice for seniors who struggle to take good care of their feet, too.

Falling is an Issue for Seniors

Lastly, unfortunately, falling is an issue for many seniors. A podiatrist can help ensure that a senior citizen is comfortable and steady on their feet and can prescribe orthotics or suggest shoe inserts. This can help a senior in a lot of ways, including by helping prevent falls.