Hearing Aids — Travel Guidelines

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Once you have become accustomed to wearing your hearing aids, there may be occasions in which you will need to make some adjustments when you travel. Travel solutions involve preparing a custom plan that preserves your aids and provides you with the additional support you need. 

Programming And Care Processes

When you initially purchase your aids, an audiologist will program the hearing devices. They will also provide you with a custom fitting session. This session involves inserting the aids and ensuring that they are snugly enclosed in your ears. Your audiologist will provide you with critical details concerning how to keep your aids in operational order.

You may be presented with an owner's manual and some contact information that can help you care for your aids or acquire assistance with programming and repair processes. Keep any paperwork that comes with your aids. During your travels, you may want to bring along your hearing aids owner manual, plus keep the contact numbers on hand that your audiologist has furnished you with.

Your Travel Kit

Your hearing aids travel kit will prepare you for any situation that involves relying upon the use of your hearing aids. Your travel kit should include hygiene essentials that will keep your ears clean and healthy, extra batteries, charging devices, sealable bags, and any other items that you rely upon using when wearing or storing your hearing aids.

You may not be accustomed to dealing with public settings that are noisy. For instance, if you haven't visited an airport in some time, you will not be equipped to handle the increased noise level that you will be presented with during your travels. An amplifier that is designed for use with hearing aids is an accessory that may support hearing in a public setting. An amplifier is a product that is designed to secure around the top of the head, similar to how a pair of headphones would be worn.

Be prepared to tell a flight attendant or any other person affiliated with your transport needs about the fact that you are hearing impaired. Although you may be perfectly fine at hearing while you are in a public setting, it is best to be equipped for emergency situations that involve needing some additional hearing support. Reserve an ADA room at a hotel, if the hotel that you are seeking a reservation through provides rooms that are designed to support those with hearing issues or another type of disability.

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